ChiAha Discrete Rate Simulation

In the field of simulation, a discrete rate simulation models the behavior of mixed discrete and continuous systems. This methodology is used to simulate linear continuous systems, hybrid continuous and discrete-event systems, and any other system that involves the rate-based movement or flow of material from one location to another.

Areas of application

Industrial areas where discrete rate simulation is used include:

  • Bulk material handling (e.g. minerals and ores, powders, particles, mixed wastes, wood chips)

  • Liquids and gases

  • Pulp and paper processing

  • Oil and gas pipelines

  • Traffic

  • High speed/volume production lines in the food & beverage, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries.

Anytime a rate changes anywhere in it, the DRS network, via optimization, equilibrates, & determines all the potential and actual rates throughout the network.

DRS has matured and evolved over the past 3 decades. DRS has been researched, and attached to another term, mesoscopic simulation, which evokes the idea of playing with less detail, but also much less effort -> a sweet spot.

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