On this screen, the user will define the rate limit and interrupts for each constraint in the model.

The Constraint block can:

  • Represent a Machine, System, Sub-component

  • Processes material based on rate per time unit

  • Experience Interrupts - random, wearout and re-supply, etc

The Constraint node represents a high-speed machine running and running.

When the machine is running it tracks material production, but there are many things that can happen to stop the flow of production:

  • Machine Failure

  • Scheduled Event

  • Operational Decision

In real systems we have data being collected: this is often referred to as stops data from what we call a Line Event Data System (LEDS). The data is sometimes referred to as LEDS Data.

In Wishbone, we transform the LEDS Data from being a Stop to an Interrupt. The Interrupt models the underlying distributions for TTF/TTR.

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